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Founded in 1995 our mission has always been to provide our customers with a safe, cost effective electronic design. From our long list of customers, vendors and manufacturers are some that have been with us from the beginning.

Always curious; always involved in new technologies. We have seen the industry move from programmable logic to µC, the introduction of 3D printing and now the exciting prospects of augmented reality, AI, robotics and quantum computing. It is indeed an exciting time. We will be there - growing right along with you.

Design Services:

We are specialists in circuit board design. We are not a design bureau that just sits at a desk and connects the dots. We know the component manufacturers, the vendors, and work with them to create the safest and most cost effective design we can. All work is done in the USA, period.

Experiences include but not limited to:

  • RF, including Blue Tooth, Mesh Nets, FSK and many others.
  • Serial Communications, RS232, RS485, CAN, I2C, SPI, UART.
  • Power Circuits & High Voltage
  • Piezo amplifiers, capacitance touch, GPS, audio, power supplies.
  • Electronic Prototypes, Inc. has 25+ years of creativity and experience.

Rapid Prototyping

Our U-CAN was designed, programmed and built in house. This power house fits in your shirt pocket. Touch screen and a custom enclosure. Hardware was designed by us and built by us. The photo below shows the case still in its raw 3d printed form.

This example can be applied to your company’s needs.

Because all the design is done in one shop the cost savings are enormous. Changes can be done quickly with much less cost. 


Extruded, 3D print, SLS, sheet metal and cast aluminum. All designed to fit your electronics perfectly. A wide variety of finishes are available to please your marketing department.


We can assemble your prototypes and provide you with production runs. All done in the USA without frustrating foreign bureaucrats. 

Electronic Prototypes, Inc.

est. 1995

Born in the USA



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Our product division, Smart Wiring

Electronic Prototypes, Inc. is a development firm in Virginia, serving commercial, industrial and military needs. 

Our prototyping capability quickly links vision to reality. We do product development, always with safety and cost in mind. 

Smart Wiring is a DBA of Electronic Prototypes, Inc. est. 1995

Electronic Prototypes, Inc.

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Copper Hill, VA 24079 (540) 929-0044


Electronic Prototypes is active in the bidding of contracts and awards.

Our present focus is with GaN, SiC solid state switching coupled with micro controllers capable of interfacing with all serial interfaces and protocols. Including AI, AR and ML.

Along with research in secure Miniature Netted Sensors.

Veteran Owned, USN